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As a project engineer / project manager I needed an easy to use and accurate date calculator.  Also since I work on a 9/80 work schedule, being able to know how ‘off-Fridays’ impact available working days was a must.  Additionally, calculations must match those expensive project scheduling applications everyone uses on their desktops.

One of my dislikes with Android’s date entry is that it is limited and not user friendly.
I fixed that with a custom date entry screen that shows the whole month, and then
took it further with a better month and year selection interfaces as well.
If you still like the original Android method, it is still there, just hit the “Go To” button.

1st select your format:
– e-Days (elapsed days) counts everyday of the week including Saturdays & Sundays.
– Std-Days (standard days) counts only Monday thru Friday (Note: Saturdays/Sundays are ignored).
– 9/80-Days counts only Monday thru Friday (skipping every other Friday) (Note: Saturdays/Sundays are ignored).
9/80 weeks work this way:
-  8 days (9 hrs/day), working Friday is 8 hrs for 40 hrs total).
-  When using 9/80 – you will be prompted to enter the next off Friday for forward calculations
and to enter the prior off Friday for backward calculations
-  Change the next 9/80 day by selecting the 9/80 button – your two options will be available
Note: only off Fridays can be selected (that’s the whole idea of off Fridays!!).

Date to date calculations:
– Pick start date then End date
– calculation is automatic

To find a date:

– enter start or end date
– select lock or float button to hold it
– tap/touch the days field (or weeks or years field)
– enter your amount  (BE SURE TO TAP “DONE” TO ENTER THE VALUE).
– calculation is automatic

Menu Button:
– Reset button clears out calculations for fresh calculations
– Rules button provides a quick summary
– ‘About’ tells version info,
“support and info” and directs you to this webpage
“Email Dev” sends an email to me to help with questions issues etc
“Change Log” directs you to the change log this page lower down
Click on the QR code to share the app
Click on the face to see more apps by JimsJump
Click on the App icon to rate the app in Google Play
– Day Counts gives you a summary of the two start/end dates selected
Click on “Share” to export that data to your favorite app – email/notes etc
– ‘Settings’ takes you to the preferences screen
– app can remember (default) or forget last settings on exit
– change the theme from black background white text (default, for inside during meetings and such) to white background black text (great for outside usage)
– ‘JimsJump’ takes you to the Android Market to my other apps
– ‘Disclaimer’ shows the disclaimer at the first install
– ‘Exit’ closes the app

Screen shots . . . .

I hope you enjoy and make great use of this application.
Always open to ideas improvements!!


Jim’s Date Calc
Release Notes/Change Log:

Version 1.5.3 Update:
– Corrected Leap Year bug in which Feb 29 could not
be selected as a valid start or end date.
– Corrected ISO Date format to show zeros on days or
months less than 10, aka 2016-02-09 vs 2016-2-9.

Version 1.5.2 Update:
– minor bug fixes
– all strings localized – will work with a localization apps
– added option to switch from English to Italiano (in settings)
– added several date format options – changes buttons
– press and hold on date selectors now have more date format options
– fixed “December” typo

Version 1.5.1 Update:
– minor bug fixes
– views scale for all devices
– year selection dialog now scrolls
– added rate me dialog

Version 1.5.0 Update:
-many bug fixes
-error/accuracy correction for large date calculations
-fixed Samsung Multi-Window
-eDays can now add start/end date
-added Day Counts
-can export counts via Share button
-updated about dialog
-reduced 9/80 calculations to weeks/days only (prevents errors)
-corrected layout issues
-corrected rotation bug
-date selector highlights selected date
-corrected date crash when going from 31 day calendar to 30 or 28 day calendar
-added year input on year selector

Version 1.4.1 Update:
-Bug Fixes
-LVL Update (Google Play Licensing)

Version 1.4
– Added Samsung Multi-Window Support
– Added Exit Confirmation to settings
– Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.3
– added month result / check box
– check boxes work independently now
– entering a date in the text areas now work w/o a zero popping up
(used to require a 2nd entry try to work)
– settings menu added
– user can keep settings upon exit
– user can change theme from black/white to white/black
– minor layout updates
– general optimization and bug fixes

Version 1.2
– general fixes
– Now usable only on Froyo & up (Android 2.2 & up)
– added landscape support
– added Honeycomb Support
– added copy date function (press and hold on Dates for options)

Version 1.1
– App now loads faster after install and 1st run

Version 1.0
– initial release

gtag(‘config’, ‘G-J4L936J9K8’);

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