Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info – update to v1.11

Sorry for all the updates lately!!!

I just want the app to be right and work smooth!   This should be the last update for a while unless users find something I haven’t or there is a feature request that seems feasible to add.

This latest update fixes an annoying bug where the disclaimer screen would keep showing up during device orientation changes (ie going from portrait to landscape).   Also, menus were added to exit the app, re-read the disclaimer, open up the version info page, and view other JimJumps applications!

Yes, I have a couple more app’s planned (it is too early to tell you what they are, but at least one will be engineering related, and one will be a fun one too!).

Thanks to all who have purchased & I really do appreciate the support!



Localization . . . wow

I recently added localization (multiple languages) my Android application, while I’m still less than 50 downloads, it was refreshing to see buyers already from Korea and Norway!  Wow.