Use VLC Player to delay radio input to sync with Live TV


Use VLC Player┬áto delay radio input to sync with TV – great for college sports where the radio announcers are far better than TV hosts.

I have found a way to sync up radio with TV (assuming Radio is ahead as usual) – If this works as planned, good-bye Vern & Gary (ESPN etc) & hello Rod & Stan (at least for Auburn Football). I plan to test with the next game. So far I’m able to delay my ATI TV/FM Radio Tuner card up to 30 sec easy.

The plan: route/capture FM radio on the tuner card, use VLC to delay 5-10 sec. Then switch my monitor input to the cable TV signal & mute – result is football video with radio audio (delayed to match/sync). Goal: listen to Rod and Stan without hearing future plays & syncing the TV video signal.