Jim’s Date Calculator – (Updated) – v1.3 released

Just published version 1.3 of Jim’s Date Calculator.

Updates include:
– added month result / check box
– check boxes work independently now
– entering a date in the text areas now work
without a zero popping up
(this used to require a 2nd entry try to work)
– settings menu added
– user can keep settings upon exit
(can also be set to forget in settings menu)
– user can change theme from black/white to white/black
(see this in the settings menu)
– minor layout updates
– general optimization and bug fixes

Also the information video was updated too..

Wow, One year . . .

In 1 year of self taught Android Application Development:
– two paid apps
– five free apps (now removed)
– almost 1200 paid app downloads
– 58000+ free app downloads
The result, positive cash flow from Google for apps and advertising….
… not bad for a hobby …
I have more ideas, just need more development time.