Great Android Apps for Any Engineer

As a “seasoned” Mechanical Engineer (now Project Engineer) working with a company that builds rugged PC’s, I have a few apps that I would recommend to any engineers young and old (besides mine too).  Ranked in order (that I use them) are:

1. Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info -
Great for screw sizes, drill sizes, and tapping

2a. Evernote -
2b. Skitch -
2c. Evernote Widget -
Evernote bundle – essential for note taking and retention – been a staple for me for years – use it everyday

3. Stopwatch & Timer -
Often during testing you need a stop watch app – this is the best.

4. Smart Tools -
This bundle has many tools a EE/ME/Chem E/Civil E and others will use – a well written app

5. Convert Pad -
Engineers must convert units – this app has it all and is well written and works great

3. Real Calculator Plus -
My 1st love for a calculator is my 20 year old HP-48GX, but it is not around – this app does the job and more

4a. Math Lab Calculator Pro -
4b. Fraction Calculator PRO/EDU -
Often a solution of several equations and graphs are needed – these two apps rip up algebra and more.  (I often use it to check my kids algebra homework!)

5. SketchBook Pro -
Often you need to sketch an idea with more detail – so if Skitch doesn’t answer the need, this app does

6. UpCode -
When you are working with parts and components they often have a bar code or UPC code – this app decodes many formats.  This app replaced Google Goggles for me especially for harder to decode 2D codes

7. Electrodroid -
For a EE, this app would be at the top of the list (but I’m a ME).  However, I do have electrical home projects and hobbies.  This app does the job and then some!

8. If you do Project Engineering, my other app will come in handy for calculating dates between tasks.  Jim’s Date Calc: