Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info v1.5.9e update released!

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Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Version 1.5.9e update is released!

(Note versions 1.5.6 through 1.5.8 were beta versions)
A. Android 5.0 Support removed from 1.5.9b
causing crashes with license server
B. Security Updates
C. General bug fixes/code clean up
D. Database directory corrections
E. Bug Fixes for Large Screens
F. 1.5.9 <-> 1.5.9d more bug fixes
G. Fixed Screen formating issued
H. Corrections for #5-40 UNC clearance hole size from 5/16 to 5/32
I. Fix Screw Size not seen on some tablets/phones

Sorry for all the display errors – I made a program change to the display size calculation (density) in particular and that hosed up how the layouts form.  Some folks saw no changes others saw big changes or even crashes.  All my fault and sorry for the trouble. Version 1.5.9d has testing on several devices, Note 3, Atrix, Nexus One, Kindle Fire to ensure fixes are covered.