Wow! Over 300+ Downloads of the Android Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info App

Thank you all for making this App much more than I ever expected!!  Not sure what this App is?  Head over to the Apps page and see the details here!

In other related news, the Stressed Geek Soundboard is nearing 1000 downloads and will be there sometime next week at its current rate. Again a much better response than I ever expected.

My next app is in the final stages and is undergoing testing and tweaks. It should do well look back here later for more details.

Warm Regards!

Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info – update to v1.11

Sorry for all the updates lately!!!

I just want the app to be right and work smooth!   This should be the last update for a while unless users find something I haven’t or there is a feature request that seems feasible to add.

This latest update fixes an annoying bug where the disclaimer screen would keep showing up during device orientation changes (ie going from portrait to landscape).   Also, menus were added to exit the app, re-read the disclaimer, open up the version info page, and view other JimJumps applications!

Yes, I have a couple more app’s planned (it is too early to tell you what they are, but at least one will be engineering related, and one will be a fun one too!).

Thanks to all who have purchased & I really do appreciate the support!



Localization . . . wow

I recently added localization (multiple languages) my Android application, while I’m still less than 50 downloads, it was refreshing to see buyers already from Korea and Norway!  Wow.


Yahoo Mail IMAP setup with a PLUS account

Often I setup PDA’s / Phones to access Yahoo Mail, especially with a PLUS account.

For those of you with a Yahoo Plus Email account – these work the best (via IMAP4)

Yahoo – PLUS

Incoming Settings
Password: Password of your yahoo mail
Incoming mail server:
Mailbox Name: Yahoo
Mailbox type: IMAP4
Security(Ports): Off /none
Port: 143

Outgoing Settings
SMTP Server:
Port: 465
Security type:  SSL
Require Sign In / Authentication
Password: Password of your yahoo mail

IMAP4 means it will stay sync’d up as you use Yahoo in other places, SSL on outgoing is required for SPAM prevention.

Happy Yahoo’n


PS: find the Google / G-Mail setup steps (client/device specifics here: )

My New Android Application!

I created a new Android App using App Inventor.

It is a small machine screw size / information application. Unfortunately, Android Market will not allow App Inventor applications…. yet!

Anyway, if any of you are interested in this application, email me and we can arrange to buy it for my originally planned Android Market price of 99 Cents!!! ($0.99 US).

To see the screen shots & get an idea what the application looks like does, look here:


Copy Windows to a new drive using Linux

Found a nice post on how to transfer Windows to a new drive using Linux here:

Your mileage may vary but it is simple as:

1> Using fdisk -u  /dev/sdX   (X=new drive), make an exact partition setup on the new drive as the original

The -u command allows to size the new drive exact as the old – this is important for step #3 #4

2> Then copy the old drives MBR data to the new drive using the command:
dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1

Note:  /dev/sdb is the original drive     &     /dev/sda is the new drive  { VERY IMPORTANT!! }

3> Then copy the contents from the original drive to the new drive

dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sda1 bs=4096

Note:  /dev/sdb1 is the original drive     &     /dev/sda1 is the new drive  { VERY IMPORTANT!! }

Also note that this will take a lot of time (depending on how large your drive is), in a new termial run the “top” command (by itself) to see if the dd is taking up CPU cycles and ensure it is not hung).  For example, a 100GB drive will take ~90 min with fast drives and a fast system!

4>  Then resize the new drive with Gparted or qtparted or parted or via ntfsresize

ntfsrezize -f -v /dev/sda1

5>  When you first boot your new drive allow the check disk to run and then allow the system to reboot and then reboot one more time for good measure.

6> When get into Windows, Windows will see the new drive load drivers and then ask to reboot once more.  When done you’re complete.

This worked great for what I needed.  Here  I traded out an older 120GB drive (PATA) into a new 320GB SATA drive with little fan fair.

Your mileage may vary; but, follow the instructions and observe the command notes and you’ll be fine.


My DOS epiphany as of late . . .

Recently during a hard drive upgrade I ran across some IE temp files that got corrupted and just would not delete.  I needed them gone because IMAGEX (an article for a later post) would not work as it couldn’t see these files for the image.

Of course you can’t delete the directory they are left in as well “directory not empty” error (or so I thought).   After a little searching and some frustration, I found the following command, living just under my nose!

C:>   RMDIR  <C:\ “Directory to delete and contents”>   /S /Q

/S  – get the directory and all files
/Q – does it without approval

Yup, “bye bye” directory and “bye bye” file that won’t go away.   Just too simple.