Where did the soundboards go?

All of the JimsJump soundboards have been removed from this site and Android Market.

One in particular (the most popular) was decommissioned by external request.  As a mode of self preservation, the remaining soundboards were also removed voluntarily.

As always, thank you for the support, comments, and positive feedback.

App Updates!

Both Jim’s Date Calc and the Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info were updated tonight.

Both saw a minor change that increased opening speed after the initial install and disclaimer acceptance.

Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info was updated to add Roll Form Tap sizes and allow for better resizing of the diagram (for developers it was made into a 9 patch graphic – worked wonders).

Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info v2.0 development has been slowed and still continues.  All the data is collected now and the next step is getting the graphics and GUI right.  I know it is being picky; however, my goal is for it to be easy to use and correct – that takes time to do.

Happy Easter and have a blessed holiday!  Keep in mind the reason for the season.


Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info App – v1.3.0 Update

I bet you’re saying wait a minute, he promised a v2.0 update!

Well, as part of that effort, I have found some corrections, quick fixes, and other bugs that really needed to be fixed before going too deep into the version 2 design process.

Major fixes include:
– Adding ALL Metric screws, from M1 to M30  (Course and Fine, ISO, etc added)
– drill chart cleaned up, and optimized – I think you’ll like this.
– fixed a bug where change from Metric back to English happens during device rotation
– added localization for Italy (Italian)
(thanks goes to Google for noting I needed this added Market)
– application size reduction by ~75% !!!  now ~410 kb  (was ~1650 kb)
– can still move to SD Card

Please comment in this post on your review and feedback!

Again this is part of the process . . .    now on to version 2.0 !!

Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info App – v2.0 update planned

As Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info App approaches an unbelievable 500 users, plans are now being made to update Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info to version 2.0 to add common screw heads / washers / nuts.

It will take a couple of weeks, as I want the UI to be simple and effective (common screw heads / washers / nuts)  without going overboard.  The hardest part is ensuring that the data is correct and presented well.

Trust me, I want to do this as it was part of the original plan – so it may come in stages w/ screw heads first (I’ll have to see how it goes).   Be sure to check back here for updates.   Ideally, I would like see some additions (if not all) by the end of this month if that is possible.

New Android App – Jim’s Date Calc

Late last night I published my 3rd Android Application – Jim’s Date Calc.

Jim's Date Calc

As a project engineer / project manager I needed an easy to use and accurate date calculator.  I didn’t find the simplicity and ease of use I wanted in the Android Market so I created one!

Also since I work on a 9/80 work schedule, being able to know how ‘off-Fridays’ impact available working days was a must functionality I included.  Additionally, Jim’s Date Calc’s calculations match those expensive project scheduling applications everyone uses on their desktops.  Be sure to pick your copy in the Android Market or App Brain today!

Here are some screen shots of Jim’s Date Calc.

Google’s Two Step Verification – Two Phone Trick

Google’s Two Step Verification is a great way to ensure your Google account is well protected.   If you only have one Android phone/device stop – you need to go no farther, just follow the instructions on your Google account here.  But how do you use it with two Android phones/devices?

If you’re like me, you’ve found that when one phone is setup the other fails to authenticate and vice versa.  To get them to both to work, I went through the process of setting up one as a new device here.   Now here is the trick, when asked to scan the QR Code, have BOTH phones/devices ready to scan.  Scan them at the same time before proceeding.  Now when asked for the verification code, just pick one code from either phone (odds are they will be different at the start).  Now they will be synchronized and will authenticate without problem.  I found that if both were running the Google Authenticator App, eventually they would show the same codes (but displayed at different times).

My guess is/was by scanning them individually (and not at the same time), each phone’s secret keys are different and thus were generating asynchronous codes. Which is why only the last setup phone would work and not the other.

Hope this works for you like it did for me.  Enjoy!

Wow! Over 300+ Downloads of the Android Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info App

Thank you all for making this App much more than I ever expected!!  Not sure what this App is?  Head over to the Apps page and see the details here!

In other related news, the Stressed Geek Soundboard is nearing 1000 downloads and will be there sometime next week at its current rate. Again a much better response than I ever expected.

My next app is in the final stages and is undergoing testing and tweaks. It should do well look back here later for more details.

Warm Regards!

Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info – update to v1.11

Sorry for all the updates lately!!!

I just want the app to be right and work smooth!   This should be the last update for a while unless users find something I haven’t or there is a feature request that seems feasible to add.

This latest update fixes an annoying bug where the disclaimer screen would keep showing up during device orientation changes (ie going from portrait to landscape).   Also, menus were added to exit the app, re-read the disclaimer, open up the version info page, and view other JimJumps applications!

Yes, I have a couple more app’s planned (it is too early to tell you what they are, but at least one will be engineering related, and one will be a fun one too!).

Thanks to all who have purchased & I really do appreciate the support!



Localization . . . wow

I recently added localization (multiple languages) my Android application, while I’m still less than 50 downloads, it was refreshing to see buyers already from Korea and Norway!  Wow.