Machine Screws Drill Tap App Updates, 1.4.8e & f


Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Versions 1.4.8e, f, & g released recently – so check your market for an update in your apps. This just a minor improvement:

Version 1.4.8e, f, & g Updates:
-Added support for Samsung Multi-Window
-Bug fix for Tablets/Larger Displays

Many thanks to Keith (a user of the App) for pointing out the Tablet bug!


Machine Screws Drill Tap App Update, 1.4.8d


Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Version 1.4.8d released a couple days ago – so check your market for an update in your apps. This just a minor improvement:

Version 1.4.8d Update:
-Updated to support Android 4.2.x
-Added UK pipe charts, BSPP & BSPT
(swipe chart left/right) to switch between the charts)

More updates coming – especially using the Android 4.x.x themes – in the works.


Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Version 1.4.5 released


Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Version 1.4.4 released tonight – so check your market for an update in your apps. There are many improvements:

** Android 4.0.x / ICS Now Supported
** minor bug fixes
** search button opens screw selection drop down menu
** better support for 7″ tablets
** app only supports Android 2.2 & up
(this is must for the version 1.5 & 2.0 development paths)
** SQLite Database incorporated for dev. path

EDIT:  Now at version 1.4.5 – a minor correction was made for the M16x1.5 thread.
The major diameter had an error in the 16 mm conversion.  Conversion was .571 inch and was updated to .630 – many thanks to user Mike who pointed this out!

More updates are coming!!  I have lots of improvement suggestions from users. This IS the first step to making these happen.  Changes above are high priority.

Thank you for your support!

My Must Have Android Apps . . .

A good friend asked me recently what are my “Must Have Android Apps” – so here is the list!

Merry Christmas!

Touchdown Exchange
(for MS Outlook exchange accounts)
Amazon Kindle Reader
Amazon App Store (side load)
Apps 2 SD Pro
Caller Info
Google Authenticator
Catch Notes and/or Epistle
Adobe Flash Player
Google Docs
Google Finance
Google Goggles
Google Maps & Google Latitude
Google Music
Google Reader
Evernote & Evernote Widget
Printer Share
Swift Key X
Flight Track
Fly Delta
Google Plus
GPS Status
Jim’s Date Calculator
Machine Screws Drill Tap
MX Video Player & codecs
Urban Spoon
3G Watch Dog
Documents to Go
Google Voice
Wifi File Explorer

Jim’s Date Calculator – (Updated) – v1.3 released

Just published version 1.3 of Jim’s Date Calculator.

Updates include:
– added month result / check box
– check boxes work independently now
– entering a date in the text areas now work
without a zero popping up
(this used to require a 2nd entry try to work)
– settings menu added
– user can keep settings upon exit
(can also be set to forget in settings menu)
– user can change theme from black/white to white/black
(see this in the settings menu)
– minor layout updates
– general optimization and bug fixes

Also the information video was updated too..

Wow, One year . . .

In 1 year of self taught Android Application Development:
– two paid apps
– five free apps (now removed)
– almost 1200 paid app downloads
– 58000+ free app downloads
The result, positive cash flow from Google for apps and advertising….
… not bad for a hobby …
I have more ideas, just need more development time.